Immigration Lawyers Manchester

Immigration Lawyers Manchester

immigration: visitors

Those wishing to visit the United Kingdom will generally need to apply for a visa (entry clearance).  There are many categories of visitors and the type of application required will depend on the purpose of the visit: for example to visit friends and family, to undertake business, to do a short course of study or to have private medical treatment, etc.

For all categories it is generally necessary to demonstrate that the visit will be for no more than six months, that you intend to leave the United Kingdom at the end of your visit, that you have enough money to support yourself during your stay in the United Kingdom without working or needing help from public funds and that you do not intend to take paid or unpaid employment.

Visitors in all categories will be able to stay in the United Kingdom for a maximum of six months at any one time subject to a limited number of exceptions.  In some cases visit visas may be granted for periods in excess of six months but visitors will still only be entitled to stay in the United Kingdom for a maximum of up to six months.

TM Fortis Solicitors have a long history of assisting visitors in all categories including  general tourists, family visitors, business visitors, academic visitors, doctors intending to take the Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board test (PLAB), doctors undertaking clinical attachments and dentist undertaking clinical observer posts, visiting professors accompanying students etc.