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sponsor licences

United Kingdom based employers who wish to employ skilled workers from outside the EEA in a permanent or long term job must sponsor them under Tier 2 of the Points Based System.

Employers who wish to employ skilled workers from outside the EEA on a temporary basis must sponsor them under Tier 5 of the Points Based System.

UK education providers who wish to teach international students from outside the EEA on courses lasting more than six months must sponsor those students under Tier 4 of the Points Based System. However please note that if you offer short course of six months or less to overseas students who come to the United Kingdom as student visitors and will not work during their time here you may not need to be a sponsor.

Any employer or United Kingdom education provider wishing to sponsor overseas nationals must first obtain a licence from the UK Border Agency.

Once a sponsor license is obtained it is essential that you comply with your sponsorship duties.

Licensed Sponsors will be able to issue Certificates of Sponsorship to non EEA nationals to enable them to apply for visas or extensions of their stay. Applications for sponsors licenses must be made online and it will be necessary to demonstrate that the organisation has good human resources systems and compliance procedures in place so that it can monitor and keep records of the migrants it has sponsored.

Sponsors will be given either an A or B rating and will be added to the UK Border Agency Published Register of Sponsors. Those granted an A rating will generally have demonstrated that they have good systems in place to meet their sponsorship duties. The B rating is for sponsors who have been unable to demonstrate that they have all the correct systems in place and will usually be required to follow an action plan designed to help them become A rated.

TM Fortis Solicitors have considerable experience in assisting prospective sponsors (both employers and UK education providers) in obtaining sponsor licenses. We are also able to assist existing sponsors maintain their A rating by ensuring that their compliance systems accord with the UK Border Agency’s requirements.