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The Points Based System was introduced in March 2006 and by 2008 replaced most of the previous work based categories.  The Points Based System is comprised of five tiers as follows.

Tier 1 is for high value migrants. Unlike the other tiers applicants under Tier 1 do not require a sponsor although they will be required to pass a points assessment. This tier is designed for highly skilled migrants, investors, entrepreneurs, exceptionally talented people and, until April 2012 recent graduates from UK universities who are able to apply to enter or stay in the United Kingdom without the need for a formal job offer.

Tier 2 which replaced the old work permit scheme.  This category covers skilled workers who have been offered a skilled job in the United Kingdom by a prospective employer who is willing to sponsor them.  As well as general skilled workers this category includes Ministers of Religion, sports persons and those wishing to apply for an intra-company transfer. 

Tier 3 is for unskilled workers to fill temporary labour shortages.  This tier has not yet opened.

Tier 4 covers individuals who wish to enter or stay in the United Kingdom to study.  This tier replaced the previous rules relating to student migrants. 

Tier 5 is available to temporary workers who wish to come to the United Kingdom to do temporary work for a licensed sponsor and covers creative and sportive, charity workers, religious workers, government authorised exchange and those applying under international agreements.  It also includes the Youth Mobility Scheme which has replaced the working holidaymaker scheme but is now only open to individuals from a limited number of countries.

Whilst the purpose behind the Points Based System was the introduction of a clear objective and above all simple way to manage migration to the United Kingdom the rules and policy guidance have become ever more complex.  As a result, individuals who appear to meet the requirements often face refusals simply because the correct documentation was not submitted.  This can often result in having to make a fresh application or appeal which can be expensive and time consuming. 

Therefore it is more essential than ever that an expert is consulted at an early stage in order to explain the specific rules which are applicable and ensure that the application is only submitted when it is ready.

TM Fortis Solicitors have considerable experience in dealing with all aspects of the Points Based System and our solicitors are on hand to discuss the requirements with you.