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Best Immigration Solicitors Manchester

immigration solicitors: appeals

Applications for visas, extensions or 'switching' into another immigration category are often incorrectly refused. In most cases a full right of appeal is available.

An appeal against an out of country refusal must be submitted within 28 days whilst only 10 days are permitted for in country refusals.

It is essential that advice is sought as soon as possible as time limits for appealing are strictly enforced by the tribunals.

In addition, the rules relating to appeals have become increasingly complex over the years and therefore it is more important than ever that specialist advice is sought.

A poorly prepared appeal can often lead to a refusal with long term repercussions.

Our immigration solicitors have substantial experience in successfully assisting clients at all stages and levels of the appeals process from preparing and lodging the appeal notice to full representation at the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal (First-tier and Upper-tier), High Court and Court of Appeal.