Family Law Solicitors Manchester

Family Law Solicitors Manchester

family law solicitors:
pre-nuptial agreements & deeds

Pre Nuptial Agreements Statutory Declarations

Here at TM Fortis we appreciate that before you enter into a marriage it is advisable to undertake a financial review of your own circumstances and understand the financial implications of what may happen to your finances if the marriage breaks down. We can provide advice on and prepare pre nuptial agreements or if you want to address financial issues after the marriage post nuptial agreements.

Statutory Declarations

If you are getting married abroad and need a statutory declaration regarding your marital status we can prepare the necessary documents for you.

Change of Name Deeds

Our Family Law Solicitors in Manchester can prepare Change of Name Deeds for you at a fixed price. If you have children we can advise you on what information and documents you need to change their name and whose consent will be required.