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TM Fortis Solicitors has a strong reputation for recovering unpaid debt quickly and affordably.

Over the years we have successfully recovered thousands of pounds for individuals and businesses.

The vast majority of debts are often paid following a simple letter before action. This is an extremely cost effective way of prompting payment or quickly establishing a reason for non payment.

If the letter before action does not result in payment the following options are normally available:

  • Commencement of legal proceedings in the County Court or High Court.
    If the claim is not defended a default judgment will follow after which steps can be taken to enforce (ie recover) the debt.
    If the claim is defended we can advise on whether it is appropriate to make an application for summary judgment (in cases where the defence is without merit) or whether to pursue the matter to trial.
    If necessary and wherever possible we will use our extensive experience to negotiate a settlement on your behalf.
    Once judgment has been obtained we will advise you on the most appropriate ways to enforce the debt should it remain unpaid. This can include instructing bailiffs or High Court Enforcement Officers to seize goods to bankruptcy or winding up proceedings.
  • If the debt exceeds £750 and is not disputed, bankruptcy (in the case of an individual debtor) or winding up proceedings (if the debt is owed by a company) may be appropriate. This option will require payment of an Official Receiver’s deposit and other court fees and will usually only be viable if the debt is substantial.

Our fees are extremely competitive and fixed in most cases.

Please call us to speak with one of our experienced debt recovery solicitors on 0161 220 6040.