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TM Fortis Solicitors have may years experience in dealing with auction properties. If you are considering the purchase of a property at auction it is highly recommended that you obtain advice from experienced solicitors who have a strong track record of advising on this type of purchase. TM Fortis Solicitors always advise you to consider the following important points:

  • Upon successfully bidding at auction and paying the deposit to secure the property you have effectively exchanged contracts and are legally obliged to purchase the property subject to the terms and conditions providing within the legal contract.
  • Most auction terms usually require you to complete the purchase of the auctioned property within 28 days.
  • You should always consider the contract/legal pack and in particular any special conditions before you bid for the property. Vendors sometimes provide special conditions within the contract/legal pack which you may not be aware of when bidding, for example they may require you to pay the vendor’s legal costs, legal disbursements, searches, EPC costs, surveyors, auctioneers costs and administrative costs.

If you are considering purchasing an auction property please feel free to contact experienced conveyancing solicitor Mr Mukthar Miah on 0161 220 6042. Mr Miah has 15 years experience in dealing with all aspects of auctioned properties. Whether or not you instruct him he will happily advise you on any concerns you may have either before or after bidding at auction. He can also consider contractual paperwork for a nominal fee before you bid on a transaction.